Our Warranty Coverage

Acknowledgement of Service Policies and Procedures

Taking care of your service needs is our business, and we want to make it easy for you to communicate those needs to us according to Mobley Homes’ service policies.

Before you move in, Mobley Homes will contact you about doing an inspection of your home. We will list any discrepancies we find in your home on the “owner’s walk” inspection report. We take this inspection seriously. In fact, it is against our policy to allow an owner to move into a home in which we have not listed all discrepancies on your “owner’s walk” before the move-in. You should also be aware that this will be the only time that items of a cosmetic nature will be considered for correction. The items we list on your “owner’s walk” that require improvement will be handled, then you will be required to return within seven days for a “final walk.” The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that we have handled all the specific items we listed on the “owner’s walk.”

After 30 days in your new home, please note any other discrepancies you find and send them to our office. We will make an effort to complete these items within 30 days of receiving them. Exceptions that we cannot accept after you have occupied the home include corrections to sod, landscaping, drywall and paint.

During your “owner’s walk,” it is very important that you inspect all surfaces (such as windows, tubs, sinks, counter tops, sliding glass doors, flooring, doors, etc.) to be sure they are free of damage, scratches, imperfections or any other irregular appearances. Mobley Homes cannot make adjustments to items that do not appear on your “owner’s walk” report. Once you have moved into your home, we are unable to consider these types of items for correction.

After you move in, please submit all requests for warranty work in writing. We ask that you do not contact the sales personnel, since they are not in a position to help you efficiently. Instead, please send your written requests for warranty work to 14824 North Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33613 or by filling the customer request form here, which will submit your request electronically. The exception to this procedure is a service emergency. A service emergency involves the failure of any component in your home that, if not corrected, will cause immediate additional damage to the house (water leaks, electrical malfunctions, etc.). You may also call in problems related to your heating and air conditioning, but Mobley Homes does not handle these problems as emergencies. We will correct them during normal working hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Once again, we at Mobley Homes would like to emphasize that all service requests must be submitted in writing to the main office. We cannot schedule them until we receive them in writing. Again, we ask that you not report problems to the sales or service personnel if you see them while they are working, since we must first process your written requests at the main office. Please be aware that, if you do report these problems to our working service or sales employees, we have instructed them to refer you back to this letter for proper procedure.

Mobley Homes will complete any service needs that are not essential to everyday living during your one-year warranty period.

We genuinely thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this procedure.