Eco Features

Energy-Efficient Features

The benefits offered by these features differentiate our homes from the rest and save you money!
In addition to lower monthly costs, our home owners look forward to:

  • Improved comfort
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Positioning for high resale value
  • Quieter interiors
  • High-quality construction
  • Environmentally-friendly homes

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Exterior Eco Features


Optimum Value Engineering

Using wood, a renewable resource, in the most efficient way while maintaining structural Integrity and saving space for Insulation.

Roof overhang

Properly designed overhang prevents release of worm air from the attic

Root Venting

Off ridge roof venting allows rising warm air to escape with no use of energy

Roof Baffles

Installed in soffited areas to ensure proper and maximum insulation depth in the attic

Air Barriers

Contains the desired air amount within the homes thermal envelope


R-30 blown-in insulation provides a better barrier and superior protection from hot and cold air loss. Insulation Slows and reduces the amount of heat transfer into and out of a home.

Weather stripping / Caulking

Seals air leakage and reduces energy loss

Window and Door Flashing

Prevents both air and moisture intrusion

Grade Slopes

All grading is sloped away from home on four sides to prevent moisture intrusion

Vapor Retarders

Inhibits the movement of water vapors and moisture into the home


Energy efficient low-F windows one double paned with Argon gas between panes. Low-E windows reflects the heat out In the summer and prevents the cool from entering In the winter. Low-E windows also block damaging ultra violet light,

Energy efficient doors

Includes energy star rated solid door and sliding glass doors that ore double paned Low-e

HVAC refrigerant

Environmentally friendly Puron refrigerant

Exterior Penetration

All exterior wall penetrations are sealed with gaskets or foam insulation

Irrigation Sensor

Weather Sensing Irrigation controls overwatering when raining

Landscaping and Mulch

Environmentally native, low maintenance foliage grouped together for easy maintenance

Interior Eco Features


Air Conditioner/ Heat Pump

14 Seer High efficiency air handler and heat pump combination

HVAC System

Custom designed and properly sized for each home


HVAC ductwork and joints are sealed with mastic compound to low air leakage

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Provides piece of mind for the detection at the colorless and odorless gas


Allows you to set the temperature of your home throughout the dc

Controlled Ventilation

All baths and dryers vented to exterior to reduce air moisture infiltration

Duct board

Insulated ductboard used at HVAC air handler and at junction boxes through out home

High efficiency bath tans

Reduces humidity in home to increase efficiency of HVAC

Water Heater

Quick recovery efficient electric water heater

Shower Heads

Low flow reduces unnecessary water consumption


High Performance water conserving bowls


Energy Star rated high efficiency dishwasher

Floor Decking

All 2 story homes have floor decking glued to exterior perimeter wall creating an air light seal

Floor Insulation

Floors with unheated spaces below are fully Insulated underneath to seal out unconditioned air